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CredCore Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company with a vision to be a niche technology provider to empower our customers with cutting edge technology products to meet the next generation innovations. We at CredCore have the knowledge and work experience of around 40 man years in area of PCB, Signal Integrity, Cable Harness software, FPGA, IPs, ASIC and Analog technologies.

We at CredCore believe in striving for solutions based on emerging technologies to enable customers to be on par and meet their ever demanding product intricacies and achieve success. Our products are based on evolving technologies and the principals we represent have installed base at prestigious organizations.

CredCore aims at achieving and being recognized as a technology solution provider company and with the vast experience and knowledge in our area of operation we are confident of achieving our goal to be the leading solution provider in the industry. CredCore technologies – belief in core technology as the name suggests delivers core technology products in the area of PCB, Cable Harness and Intellectual Property (IPs).

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To be a niche technology provider with high-quality products and solutions that create value and sustainable competitive advantage to our customers


Deliver core technology products to meet industry expectations

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